CPRC Scheduling an Appointment


*NOTICE:  During the months of January – March 2021, all services will be provided by Synergy eTherapy.  This service will consist of Counseling only, for currently enrolled students, via Telehealth.  All students will have access to 4 free and confidential sessions. 

TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT, please visit the Synergy eTherapy LINK: https://www.synergyetherapy.com/indian-hills-community-college/


  1. Click on the link and complete the Contact Form
  2. Schedule a phone or video session with the Counselor
  3. Receive a link to the Synergy eTherapy Portal to read/electronically sign consents/policies.
  4. Receive invitation to the Synergy eTherapy video/phone/text app to set up a free account

Please note:  Synergy eTherapy does NOT provide crisis services.  Therefore, IN CASE OF A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS OR EMERGENCY SITUATION:

During business hours you may come directly to the Student Development front desk and/or call Campus Security at 641-683-5300.  After business hours you may:

  • Call Campus Security at 641-683-5300
  • Call the Southern Iowa Mental Health Center (SIMHC) 24/7 Crisis Line at 641-682-8772
  • Call the Your Life Iowa (phone/text) crisis line at 1-855-581-8111 or online chat at https://yourlifeiowa.org/
  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or Crisis Text Line at 741741
  • Resident Students may call an RA: Appanoose 641-680-2176, Centerville 641-680-3871, Keokuk 641-680-4151, Oak 641-680-5670, Trustee 641-680-6597, and Wapello 641-680-8351
  • Call the Mobile Crisis Team at 1-844-430-8520 (must be physically located in Wapello, Mahaska, Davis or Van Buren counties)
  • Call the Veterans 24/7 Crisis Line (for all veterans, service members, national guard and reserve and their family members/friends) at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) and Press 1
  • Call the Crisis Intervention Services (24/7 Sexual Assault Advocacy) crisis line at 1-800-270-1620
  • Call the Family Crisis Center (24/7 Domestic Violence Advocacy) crisis line at 1-800-464-8340
  • Call the Focus on Recovery Helpline (alcohol/drugs) at 1-800-374-2800 or 1-800-234-1253
  • Call the 24/7 Emergency Housing Crisis Line at 1-844-673-5499
  • Call the Ottumwa Police Department (OPD) at 641-683-0661 (non-emergency) or 911
  • Call the Centerville Police Department at 641-437-7100 (non-emergency) or 911
  • Go to the SIMHC Crisis Unit (must be 18 & older), 1527 Albia Rd. Ottumwa, IA 52501, 641-682-8772 as a voluntary alternative to the ER
  • Go to the Ottumwa Regional Health Center Emergency Room, 1001 E. Pennsylvania Ave. Ottumwa, IA 52501, 641-684-2300
  • Go to the Mercy Medical Center Emergency Room, 1 Old Hwy 5 Centerville, IA 52544, 641-437-4111
  • Go to another local emergency room

All individuals have the option to go to the SIMHC Crisis Unit or a local emergency room; however, we strongly encourage resident students to notify Campus Security (641-683-5300) or a Residence Staff should you decide to go to either location. 

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to stop by or call the Student Development Front Desk (Trustee Hall, first floor; 641-683-5152) or email [email protected]. Regular IHCC CPRC services (including the below information), will resume in April 2021.


Appointments are scheduled electronically through the Client Portal, located at:  https://cprc.clientsecure.me.  You have the option to choose the best day/time to fit your schedule, and designate to which campus you would like to meet.  If you have any issues scheduling, feel free to email [email protected], call 641-683-5152 or stop in to the CPRC on the first floor of the Trustee Residence Hall.  You may also complete this form and someone will contact you to schedule an appointment: 

CPRC Service Request Form



At times we may find ourselves concerned for a student and/or friend.  In such instance, feel free to complete the form below if you would like a CPRC staff to follow up with/check in on that individual.  However, please be mindful that services are not required, and unless there is an identified concern for the safety of the individual and/or others, the individual must always consent to the service.  You are also welcome to visit the Client Portal to schedule an appointment together at:  https://cprc.clientsecure.me, call 641-683-5152, or walk directly to the CPRC together, when possible.  Please see the Helpful Resources section on how to identify and/or help a student/friend in need. 

CPRC Confidential Referral Form


Contact Us

Counseling and Prevention Resource Center
Indian Hills Community College
Trustee Hall, First Floor

525 Grandview Avenue Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

Phone: (641) 683-5152 or (800) 726-2585, ext. 5152
Email: [email protected]

Questions about services may be emailed, however, we do not schedule appointments via email, because email is not considered a confidential communication. Staff are also not able to check email with regularity or frequency,  therefore for the timeliest and most confidential communication, please call!