HVAC Apprenticeship Program

HVACIndian Hills Community College has established a registered Department of Labor apprenticeship program for companies to enroll employees/apprentices.

The Apprenticeship standards were developed to meet the needs of the electrical and HVAC field for the requirements of the statewide licensing of HVAC Technicians. These standards were developed in accordance with the Department of Labor/Office of Apprenticeship (DOL/OA) as a basis for which Indian Hills Community College Apprenticeship and Training Committee developed an apprenticeship program to meet the needs of the area.

Indian Hills Community College Apprenticeship and Training Committee has established the Related Instruction for the apprenticeship and will assist companies in registering their employees/potential apprentices into the program and provide administrative assistance in monitoring the apprentices’ progress toward completing the Related Instruction and 8000 hours of On the Job Learning.


Estimated Related Instruction Cost per Apprentice:

  • Tuition (2016-2017 Tuition rate) -- $4785
  • Course Fees (2016-2017 rates) -- $110
  • Book Cost -- $400 (estimate)
  • Total Estimated Cost -- $5295

How does my company enroll in the Indian Hills HVAC Apprenticeship program?

  1. Company has at least one Journeyworker HVAC Technician. The Apprenticeship will follow the 1 to 1 ratio as required by the Department of Labor.
  2. A company representative will meet with the Indian Hills Apprenticeship and Training Committee Coordinator discussing the program and receive a copy of the Apprenticeship Program Agreement.
    a. The length of the occupation is four years, the number of on the job learning hours is 8000, and the number of related training hours is 665 maximum.
  3. Appendix C and Appendix D are not required for companies with fewer than ten Apprentices in the program.
  4. The company will list the Journeyworker’s wage and the starting wage of the Apprentice based on the program’s standards. The company will complete the Sponsoring Employer form(s) with Indian Hills Community College. (Appendix E, page 30, Apprenticeship Program Agreement).
  5. Indian Hills Apprenticeship and Training Committee Coordinator will record the needed information to register the employee as an apprentice in the program. The Coordinator will register the employee into the apprenticeship. (Appendix B, Apprenticeship Program Agreement).
  6. The apprentice will complete the online application form for admission to Indian Hills Community College.
  7. The apprentice must complete the student information form providing the employer and the Indian Hills Apprenticeship and Training Committee access to the required student information needed for the apprenticeship program.
  8. The apprentice will select the HVAC diploma program at Indian Hills. Depending on the electives the company selects for the apprentice, they may receive a college diploma while completing the Related Training for the apprenticeship.
  9. The company must maintain accurate records of the Apprentices on-the-job learning (OJL) hours. A record of the completed hours must be submitted to the ATC Coordinator and the Committee.
  10. Once the apprentice has completed the Related Instruction and the 8000 OJL hours, the Indian Hills Apprenticeship and Training Committee will verify all requirements have been satisfied. The ATC Coordinator will then record the information and start the process for the apprentice to receive their Journeyman certificate. Once the certificate is obtained, the employee can apply to take the state licensing exam.


Students Enrolled in the HVAC Apprenticeship Program:

Students wishing to participate in the HVAC Apprenticeship Program must complete the Student Information Form before beginning their apprenticeship. Students may use the electronic form below or print the form and return to Jeff Henderson.

Form Options:

Digital - HVAC Apprenticeship Student Information Form Form
Print - HVAC Apprenticeship Student Information Form PDF document



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