Be a leader! Educate children of the 21st century! Teach skills and provide knowledge that will help children prepare and excel in the future! Life.Changing.

Campus Ottumwa Campus, Centerville Campus, and Online
Entry Term Fall, Winter, and Spring
Length of Program

Early Childhood Teacher Licensure - 6 terms (18 months)
Elementary Education - 6 terms (18 months)
Secondary Education - 6 terms (18 months)


Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.)/Education
Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.)/Education
Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.)/Education


Our Education Major Transfer Program prepares future early childhood teachers, elementary teachers and secondary or high school teachers to take the next steps to be successful in their academic programing; as they aspire to become a licensed professional. Students who enroll in our transfer program will have equitable learning opportunities in all areas of teaching. Indian Hills Community College and the faculty believe that public education is the foundation for future greatness in all aspects of society.  Students in our programs will develop skills, gain knowledge, and explore the different approaches needed to be an effective professional educator.  There is no greater gift than to be able to change or make a positive difference in the lives of the students they teach.

So, make a difference, enroll today in one of our Education Transfer Major Programs.  

What you will learn:
  • To identify and examine characteristics and strategies used in effective teaching.
  • To examine and appreciate learner uniqueness and apply strategies that promote learning.
  • To assess technology that enhances the learning process in all types of classrooms.
  • To explore the motivations and diversity found in today’s classrooms.
  • To develop critical thinking and communication skills.



It's your education. Chose your own path. We're right behind you every step of the way!

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Early Education Teacher Licensure Elementary Education Secondary Education


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Note: Please be aware that there are unique pre–licensure qualifications for positions in the education field. These qualifications include passing an extensive criminal background check, which is completed when entering the education program and verified prior to the capstone course of the program. 

An additional requirement is completing a state required test, PRAXIX I or CBASE.  The test must be complete sometime during the later terms of the IHCC education program and must be complete prior to applying and entering an education program at a 4-year institution. Information for these tests are available during the first education course.

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(Required as part of the admissions process)


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